Your local Pool Builders: St George Pools.   We build custom swimming pools for Saint George, Southern Utah and beyond.   We are experienced pool contractors building all types of pools for over 20 years.   We build pools to suit for your backyard oasis, your personal paradise and living dream.   Here, at St. George Pools, you'll find loads of pool model designs to look over and pick or have your pool designed from.   Contact us and/or find out more about who we are, right here, on this website.

We are St George Pools, your Custom Pool Builder for swimming pools; also, many people in the area know us as SeaGlass Pools which is in fact our parent company originally based right here in St. George.

Each of our pools have their own appeal.   The thing is, there are some of our pools, or pool types, that are quite a bit more popular; whether it be a fully automated safety cover pool, a pool/spa combo or a tanning ledge pool.   Whatever the reason, we have a few different options of pools that are more popular and so we made a spot for them, see here.

Our products are mostly swimming pools.   We offer fiberglass pools varying from small, medium to large.   Custom swimming pools, concrete (or gunite), are another major type of pool construction we offer.   Another option of pool construction are the vinyl liner swimming pools which comes with many selections of liner patterns.   And along with a pool we offer other pool products that complement the pool perfectly.

St George Custom Pools

Custom Pools


The Custom Pools section includes, first, the Pool Design Center and then the different options of Custom Concrete Pool, Custom Fiberglass Pool and Custom Vinyl Pool. Then there is a detailed explanation of the Custom Build Process.

St George Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools


Our Fiberglass Pools section begins with the Fiberglass Pool Designs and then the options of Lg Fiberglass Pools, Med Fiberglass Pools and Sm Fiberglass Pools. Then there are Why Choose Fiberglass and then Fiberglass Pool Build.

St George Vinyl Pools

Vinyl Pools


The Vinyl Pools section includes, first, the Vinyl Pool Designs and then the different options of Vinyl Liner Patterns, Pool Liner Replacement and Step LinerOver Options. Then there is a detailed explanation of the Custom Build Process.


We would like to speak with you about what you and your family needs are for your pool and how we can help you find the right swimming pool for the right budget.   Contact us via email or telephone.

Classic Pool Series

$64k to $125k
Our Classic Pools are the best option to have a beautiful backyard pool and be economical.

Luxury Pool Series

$125k to $250k
Our Luxury Pools will help give you a wide range of options and upgrades for your new swimming pool.

Palace Pool Series

$250k +
With our Palace Pools you will be able to have all the options you desire to fulfill your dream for your backyard swimming pool atmosphere and experience.